Get ready…for gigs, in your house!

Gigs in houses or ‘house concerts’ are not a new concept; they have probably been happening around the world since music (or houses?) began. They are more popular in the USA but the numbers are still incredibly small when compared to the amount of gigs at public venues and even more so here in the UK.

Gig In Your House aims to create an online network of bands and hosts with a strong ‘fair trade’ ethos and a love of cosy, intimate gigs. Independent artists need all the support they can get and where better to give it, than from your own living room.

 Why should you get involved?

For the artist or band, it’s a brilliant opportunity to connect with fans on a more personal level, play to people who are guaranteed to like the music (they are hand-picked by the host with compatibility in mind) and who more likely become a fan, sell some merchandise and receive 100% of the ‘ticket’ donations. Not to mention a free dinner that may stretch to a free bed for the night!

For the host, it is a chance to listen to great live music with your closest friends from the comfort of your sofa! Nothing can bring you closer to the acts you love, or beat the feeling of discovering a new favourite in an exclusive setting. It is also good to know that you are supporting the act on many more levels than simply buying their CD could ever do.

How can you get involved?

Go to for the new website where you can sign up for free! If you have any questions email them to

So get ready…



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