Gig In Your House (GIYH) allows the opportunity for ordinary fellows (like you?!) to host a private gig in their own home.

Can I Do I Host A House Concert?

As long as you can fit a minimum of around 10 people into your humble abode (the minimum may change from band to band to cover costs etc) you have a chance of hosting a gig. No two gigs, houses, or acts are the same, so the requirements in order to hold a gig will be unique each time. However, a decent sized performance space is a must every time (no one wants to get too close to a sweaty performer!), so please bear that in mind when deciding on numbers to invite. Feel free to contact GIYH if you have any queries.

Can I Play A House Concert?

If you’d like to be featured on our website please contact us with links to your music and fan sites. We’d like to be able to see that there is a demand for your music and preferably that you have a CD to sell (not compulsory but people like to take something away at the end). Once registered as a musician/band, we’ll ask you for a few details such as a small bio, picture and a link to your songs and social networking sites and put you on the website!

How does it work?

Gig In Your House is an organisation with a strong ‘fair-trade’ ethos; so artists receive 100% profit of the tickets you sell to your friends/family/acquaintances. Tickets are usually sold at £10 a head* with the audience bringing a dish each for a casual potluck dinner prior to the artist playing. The meal is not compulsory but is a nice way to catch up with friends and discuss the evening before the show begins. It is also extremely helpful if the host can provide the act with beds or source local accommodation (especially if they are coming a long way to play or are on tour).
*Prices may vary

We are still in the early stages of setting GIYH up; if you’re interested in being a host, playing at a house concert or just want more info, please sign up and/or contact us for further information here:



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